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walking the line

plasma cut, fabricated and galvanized steel

6 elements - each element +/- 7”h. x 22”w. x 12ft.3”.

The Rise; Vancouver, BC


I was asked to create a functional and fully integrated work for the fresh air intake grates for underground parking. As I am often interested in work that has a relational aspect or an element of engagement between the site and the viewer, in this situation the parameters of the site were perfect to create a sculpture that was integrated throughout the site. Like the landscape that inspired this work, it is fully revealed by walking through the work.  The imagery was derived from the topography of BC coastline through a combination of computer technology, geo-positioning software, hand and computer drawing. Industrial computer guided cutting technology produced hundreds of ‘topographical’ lines that were then assembled by hand at my studio.

walking the line is an original work commissioned and owned by Grovsenor Canada Ltd.


  • walking the line
  • walking the line
  • walking the line