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waterjet cut and fabricated stainless steel

Column: 30ft.h. x 4ft. diameter.
2 ground elements: 3ft.6” diameter x 10ft.

Grandview Highway Canadian Tire; Vancouver, BC


turn began through an investigation of the Public Art site. It developed as a way of defining site parameters, and assessing the physical reality of creating an iconic marker for that site and the surrounding area. It was important that the work be read at a distance as well as have some aspect of the work that would be more intimate in its relationship to the viewer and the site. The intention was to create an iconic sculpture acting as a gateway marker defining the entrance to the City of Vancouver. turn acts as an identifier of place, creating an image in the viewer’s mind that connects them back to the site. The imagery and form for turn evolved from ideas about “driving” and “fixing” in particular, with the final form of the sculpture column based upon the twist drill. The two ground elements were intended to provide a more intimate relationship to the site as well as to the scale of the viewer.

turn was commissioned by Canadian Tire Real Estate Ltd. for the City of Vancouver Public Art program.


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