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’til the cows come home

galvanized steel plate

6 elements ~
3 @ 4ft.3”H. x 7ft.6” x 1”
3 @ 4ft.9”H. x 8ft.6” x 1”.

Avalon Dairy Greenway; Vancouver, BC


A free-standing work consists of 6 cow images (3 positive silhouettes and 3 panels with negative cut-outs) cut from 1” steel plates. The cows are shown to be standing, walking, and grazing. The galvanized finish references the protective coating process used on some of the metal components within the dairy and serves as well to provide corrosion protection.

For the Avalon Greenway I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the dairy as well as the origins of the main product; the cows. These sculptural images also reference the fact that the cows would have grazed in the fields across from the dairy. The intention was to engage physically as much of the greenway site as possible with elements located at the beginning of and in various sites along the greenway, culminating near the dairy and central landscape area.”

’til the cows come home is an original work commissioned and owned by the City of Vancouver.

  • ’til the cows come home
  • ’til the cows come home
  • ’til the cows come home