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Laser cut, fabricated and painted steel.

6 'vine maple' benches ~ 18"h. x 73" x 24",
4 'crow' columns ~ 133-140"h. x 12-26" x 8",
6 'coyote' columns ~ 140½-149½"h. x 13-22" x 8".

Central Valley Greenway; Vancouver,BC


Located on the Central Valley Greenway between Lakewood and Nanaimo Streets, are six steel benches shaped like vine maple-seed wings. Steel silhouettes of crows high on poles overlook the cluster of benches and a crushed granite pathway. The same benches are repeated at 12th Avenue and further east at Slocan Street where another group of poles support silhouettes of coyotes. I was interested in creating a work that would create a engagement with the viewer over some distance within the site.

The imagery for this work was derived from local and indigenous flora and fauna; the benches are representative of flora that once grew along the site, while the crow and coyote icons represent survival and adaptability in the urban environment.

posture – Commissioned by Rapid Transit Project for the City of Vancouver Central Valley Greenway as part of Translink’s Millennium SkyTrain Line.


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